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Film & TV acting secrets for the business professional
On Camera & Voice Actor, Coach, Speaker, Author

Laura Doman is a former tech industry sales exec turned actress, with hundreds of credits in films, TV shows, commercials, corporate industrials, print, and voice over. As a performance coach, she helps entrepreneurs and business professionals become more comfortable and effective on camera themselves, whether they're preparing to appear in videos, give online presentations, or participate in guest interviews or panel discussions. She hosts a YouTube video series, “On Camera Tips for Busy Execs” and writes on this topic as a collaborating author of “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever” (due out in June 2023).


Speaking topics include:

  • How to Be More Comfortable & Effective On Camera
  • Differentiating Yourself (& Your Brand!) in a Sea of Sameness
  • Reinventing Yourself Later in Life … Successfully!
  • How to Begin a New Career in Film/TV and Voice Over


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Reinventing Yourself Later in Life ... Successfully!

Who says we're only one thing in life? Or that we're too old or it's too late to pursue our lifelong dreams?

I'm a former corporate gal turned actress, having begun this latest adventure in my mid-50s after climbing the corporate ladder and raising a family. A dream deferred is not a dream denied! Do you want to look back with regret on a life that “could have been” or “should have been,” but you were too afraid to pursue? Or too worried what others might think? 

This presentation yells, “hell, no!” and provides psychological and practical strategies for reinventing yourself - and/or your career - later in life. Successfully. 

  • Whether you're looking at re-entering the workforce, perhaps in a different capacity
  • Wanting to turn a hobby into a business
  • Looking for fulfillment in retirement
  • Or just taking some risks and exploring all the different facets of who you are in this life before you finally kick the proverbial bucket.

I've been there. Done that. More than once. Let me share my story and what I've learned that you may find useful or inspiring. And then let's talk about you and your dreams.


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