Larissa Russell
Larissa Russell she/her/hers
Owner & Founder

Larissa Russell is an Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach, and Healer. She is known as the Summit Queen. She is the Founder of Creative U Healing, an online coaching and learning platform that helps women step into their authenticity with the help of creativity, whether that be in business or life. 

Larissa has authored ‘Gratitude: How to Live with Joy and Gratefulness’, plus ‘A Happier You: In 5 Minutes a Day’, as well co-authored the international bestseller 'The Power of Why'. She has also created and published 2 creativity journals ‘Have an Amazingly Creative Day!’ and ‘How Do I Have an Amazingly Creative Day?’ She recently released a children's book with her 9-year-old granddaughter called ‘My Two Grandmas’.

Larissa is blessed to work with women who are ready to make change in their lives. As a master of change, through her own life adventures, Larissa has a unique perspective that helps women learn and feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as what they really want from their lives. You can listen to her interview creatives, healers, and people who have healed with the help of creativity on her podcast, 'Creative Soul Healing', available on all the popular podcast platforms.

Larissa is also the founder of Queer Voicez, a not-for-profit organization that shares LGBT+ stories to help LGBT+ youth, who have as much as an 8x higher suicide rate, know that they are not alone. She is also the host of their podcast of the same name.

Larissa’s newest endeavor is Creative U Business, helping women build their creative and healing businesses via summits and courses. Of which she has immense knowledge due to building her own creative healing business, Creative U Healing which helps women heal with creativity.