Lana Walsh
Lana Walsh
Sleep Coach
Registered CBT-i Coach | Conscious EFT Level 1-2 Practitioner

Lana Walsh is a Sleep Coach who helps people overcome insomnia so that they wake up feeling rested and refreshed and ready to take on the day. Lana found out she had restless leg syndrome (RLS) as a teenager but did not get treatment for over a decade. This led to developing insomnia. For 30 years, she struggled to find the answer, trying “literally everything” without relief. When she was introduced to emotional freedom techniques (EFT, AKA tapping), she started on the path to recovery. 

Tapping helped to reduce Lana’s stress and anxiety which allowed her to sleep better and get off prescription sleeping pills. Determined to continue this path, she began researching sleep where she finally found the answer to fixing her insomnia. She is passionate about sharing the secrets to overcoming insomnia and helping people get the same results that have transformed her life. She is a registered CBT-i coach and Conscious EFT Level 1-2 practitioner.