Lana Walsh
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Conquer insomnia for the energy to live your dream life.
Registered CBTi Coach, Conscious EFT Level 1&2 Practitioner

Lana is a Sleep & Insomnia Expert who helps people consistently sleep through the night, so they have the energy to live their dream life. For 30 years, she “tried everything” to fix her insomnia. Finally, in 2020, she learned a technique to reduce stress and anxiety which helped her sleep better and allowed her to stop using sleeping pills. This led her to research sleep where she found the cure for insomnia. In addition to helping others who have also struggled for decades with their sleep, she shares her experience and knowledge with businesses and organizations so their teams can better understand how sleep might be affecting them or their colleagues.


Lana is a co-author of the Amazon Bestseller, "Creating Impact, The Ultimate Guide for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs," founder of "Upgrade Your Sleep: A Powerful Method to Overcoming Sleeplessness," registered CBT-i coach, and Conscious EFT Level 1 & 2 practitioner.


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Sleep Your Way to the Bank: From Sleep Deprived Underperformer to Rested Achiever

Is lack of sleep affecting your life?

Do you have trouble getting out of bed?

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself?

Is it hard to focus, find the right words, or be creative?

​Insomnia can affect many parts of your life. From how well you get along with other people, to how productive you are at your work, to your overall health and wellbeing.​

Through the telling of my transformational story of over 30 years of struggling with insomnia, you will learn:​

😴 Why the regular advice hasn't helped you sleep better (and what will)
😩 The #1 reason you can't sleep (and how to fix it)
🤯 How your subconscious is sabotaging you (and which habits to quit today)
📅 Why you struggle through parts of the day (and how to be more productive)

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