Kylie van Luyn
Kylie van Luyn she/her/hers
NLP Master Practitioner / DEI Advocate / Coach
BA.Dip Ed (Sec), MA Leadership & Management, NLP Master Prac

Kylie is an experienced human services and workforce development consultant, and Non-Profit Executive with over 14 years of experience coaching & working with people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. She is passionate about working with organisations to develop sustainable business strategies, social impact and person-centred programs and foster workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, and psychological safety.

Kylie has spent her career working to empower people from marginalized backgrounds through skills development and economic participation. Kylie has coached & consulted widely with clients across a variety of industries in Australia, US and UK and has a passion for social justice and social impact.

Kylie is an accredited psychotherapist, emotional intelligence coach, NLP Master Practitioner and a Founding Member of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association. In 2021, Kylie and her team launched the Elevated MindsetĀ® program to support individuals in identifying & addressing limiting beliefs, regaining confidence, shifting their mindset & achieving their goals.


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Transform your life: Discover your purpose & shift your mindset to achieve fulfilment and success.

Understand the link between discovering your purpose and core values to harness your greatness, and achieve balance and fulfilment.

I will take you on a transformative journey to discovering your "why" and how to elevate your life and career by identifying your core values and shifting your mindset.

Business Education +2
Business Coaching Career +3


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