Kristine Goad
Kristine Goad
The Surfing Your Edge Coach
Personal Transformation Coach, Adventure Retreat Leader, Author, & Speaker. B.S. Psychology from the University of Michigan; Master of Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. Author of Your Mileage May Vary. Founder of the Surfing Your Edge Experience.

Since 2005, Kristine Goad has been helping people get their dreams out of their heads and into the world.


As the Surfing Your Edge Coach, she is passionate about helping her clients find the “more” they are looking for from life—more joy, peace, fun, love, time, income, impact, ease, creativity—so they can finally live the bigger, bolder, more badass lives they know they were born for.


Kristine is the founder of the Surfing Your Edge Experience where she helps her clients connect with themselves on a deeper level than they have in years, envision exciting new opportunities for their lives, figure out what they really, really want, and then go get it…so they can bring their full selves to the party and make the meaningful contribution to the world they long for.


She's at her best when she's in over her head and having to figure out what comes next, which is why she's usually in the middle of doing something she doesn’t yet know how to do. 


She calls that surfing her edge, and she loves helping other people surf whatever edge they choose.


Kristine is the author of the memoir, Your Mileage May Vary, about her experience as an overweight, asthmatic, novice cyclist in the largest cross-country bicycle event in U.S. history. She speaks on topics ranging from overcoming imposter syndrome and using fear to catalyze your dreams to rewriting your personal story in order to create the future you desire.


Favorite Speech Topics Include: 

  • Make Fear Your Best Friend…so you can live the bigger, bolder, badass life you were born for
  • Surf Your Edge All the Way to a Published Book
  • Finding Yourself After Fifty: Step Into Your Authentic, Badass Self


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