Kristina Heagh-Avritt
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Helping Entrepreneur Parents Bring Education Home
Licensed Teacher


An expert in teaching and coaching for parents, students and families bringing Education Home so families can THRIVE!


Kristina Heagh-Avritt is recognized for her compassion, commitment and results in coaching and training of parents, volunteers, students, and staff.


She has been a program lead, staff trainer, parent coach as well as teacher in the classroom and in the online setting, combining 27 years of learning, teaching and technology to become a knowledgeable resource for innovative education solutions.


Kristina has delivered over 30,000+ hours of presenting, training, and teaching for all age groups 5 years to 80 years old.


Kristina can speak for groups ranging from 20-5,000+.


As a teacher, trainer and coach, Kristina is a go-to educator for those who want to know more about making education successful in the family, in the classroom, or for groups.


A self-motivated, results-driven Learning & Development Specialist highly regarded for 15+ years of success implementing and executing training and onboarding programs to advance organizational objectives. Known for assessing training needs to determine focus/scope and provide innovative solutions. Proven track record of continually evaluating training progress and procedures to monitor course effectiveness and update/improve curriculum and content. Out-of-the-box, analytic thinker committed to meeting departmental goals.