Kristena Hackett
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Motivational Speaker | Tech Expert | Empowering Success

Kristena Hackett is a dynamic motivational keynote speaker, business owner, and tech expert with over a decade of experience in videography and technical skills. As a passionate mentor, she empowers individuals and organizations to enhance communication, connection, and confidence, ultimately making a positive impact on themselves and the world. Kristena's engaging and humorous approach captivates audiences, leaving them equipped with tools for self-empowerment and a focused mindset. Recognized as a 2017 Women of Excellence and a Distinguished Toastmaster, Kristena's commitment to success is evident. Her speaking topics range from the Psychology of Leadership to Public Speaking, offering practical insights for personal and professional growth.


These are example talks for Kristena Hackett

The Psychology of Leadership: Motivating and Inspiring Others

We will delve into the intricacies of effective leadership, revealing the psychological principles that underpin motivation and inspiration. From understanding the dynamics of motivation and emotional intelligence to exploring diverse leadership styles, this session offers practical insights to cultivate high-performing and engaged teams.

Business Leadership
Leadership Leadership habits and values +1
Public Speaking: Stop Running from the Spotlight

The spotlight beckons, yet for many, the prospect of public speaking triggers a familiar sense of dread and avoidance. In "Public Speaking: Stop Running from the Spotlight," participants embark on a transformative journey to conquer the fear and hesitation that often accompanies speaking in front of an audience. This engaging and practical presentation offers a roadmap to not only overcome anxiety but to thrive in the spotlight with confidence and authenticity.

Business Leadership +2
Public Speaking Speaker Training +1
Going Beyond the Ordinary

In a world where routine and predictability often define our lives, the pursuit of Going Beyond the Ordinary is a compelling journey that leads to untapped potential and extraordinary achievements. This captivating presentation takes participants on a transformative exploration of human capabilities, challenging them to break free from the confines of the familiar and embrace the unknown. The session commences by delving into the psychology of the comfort zone, revealing how it can inadvertently stifle growth.

Business Education +2
Empowerment Movement +2
The Art of Effective Public Speaking

This engaging journey explores the transformative power of words, body language, and emotional connection. Discover how to overcome the fear of the podium, command the stage, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Business Leadership +1
Empathy Empowerment +4
Rewriting Your Mental Narrative

Discover the art of reshaping the stories we tell ourselves and unlocking the empowering potential within. From understanding and challenging limiting beliefs to embracing a growth mindset, this speech offers practical strategies for embodying positive change.

Business Education +4
Empowerment Leadership, Mental Performance +4
The Heartbeat of Effective Leadership

Unravel the transformative force of empathy in guiding leaders towards more compassionate, collaborative, and sustainable practices. From defining empathy's role in decision-making to exploring its impact on team dynamics and beyond, this session provides practical insights into cultivating empathetic leadership.

Business Education +2
Leader Leadership +4
The Importance of Video

From fostering connection in a virtual world to revolutionizing education, marketing, and user-generated content, discover how video has become an essential medium for communication. Explore the power of authentic storytelling, the global reach of video, and its transformative impact on social causes. Leave with practical insights, tips, and a deeper appreciation for the visual revolution.

Business Education +9
Social Media Storytelling +2