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Create income You Will Never Outlive

If you're a busy CEO or Entrepreneur, you spend the vast majority of your time managing, building and growing your business. The rewards can be extraordinary. Income, assets and building sustainable wealth are your core priorities. But once you've made all those gains, what are doing to protect what you've worked so hard for? What are you doing to make your family secure financially? What will you do when faced with a financial emergency?

You've worked incredibly hard for your money but have you protected it? What if a family member experiences a health challenge? What if the stock market behaves badly? What if taxes, inflation or the economy force you to pivot? Wouldn't you want to make sure you're covered BEFORE any emergency arises?

Kris Miller has worked directly with over 6,000 families, individuals and businesses over the past 30 + years and not a single person has lost a dime to market risk AND each of them are protected financially against emergencies.

Join Kris and her guests as they discuss strategies and tactics to grow, build and protect your money no matter what life throws at you. We've got your number - Money 911.

"Money 911" is your first responder when it comes to finances. Nobody is born understanding money and the vast majority of us were never taught the basics, much less the secrets to healthy money.

As each day passes, we come face-to-face with an ever rising tsunami of money challenges. Out of control inflation, skyrocketing taxes, the feast or famine of home prices, the unpredictable frenzy of Wall Street, unexpected illness, failure to plan for retirement - these are all "emergencies" we do battle with every single day. What's in your financial first aid kit?

When the economy crashes or your priorities shift, how do you protect everything you've worked so hard for? Kris Miller and her guests on "Money 911," provide real world advice on improving your financial health so you can create the life you truly desire.

Over the past 30 years, Kris Miller has helped over 6,000 families, individuals and businesses, avoid financial disaster by getting real about money and strategically planning their futures. Not one client of hers has lost a single dime due to market risk.

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need to stop the bleeding. Sometimes, you need time for the wounds to heal. Sometimes you need to make changes so your health won't be at risk in the future. No matter where you're at on your financial journey, "Money 911" is here to guide you.

What if you could create income that you never outlive? 

What if you could protect your family now and in the future and never have to worry again?

What if you knew your golden years would truly be golden?

What if you had a plan in place that could deal with almost any financial challenge you face?

Join the Host of "Money 911," Kris Miller, as she and her guests navigate the complicated world of money so you can blaze your own path to healthy money for a happy life. Simple, straight-forward advice in a world that just might be going crazy.