Kimberly Humphreys
Kimberly Humphreys
Holistic Emotional Health Coach
Certified in Health Coach, Member of IAHC, Certified EFT Practitioner, Holistic Spiritual Healing Coach, NLP Coach and Therapist, TLT, and Hypnosis, and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist (student 1 yr)

Kimberly Humphreys brings the perspective of a Universe Centered approach to Health and Well Being. Integrating the fundamentals of Ayurveda with the latest science of Epigenetics, Energy Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, Cellular Intelligence, focusing on Emotional Healing. To simplify, I teach mindset shifting from what is not working for one, to what will work 100% of the time because it comes from one's own heart. I can utilize a Boris Barrios based Personality Assessment to reveal what areas are working and not working, as well as a modality called Kinesiology to identify what is  and what is not working. The ultimate teaching is Unconditional Self-Acceptance as, it is the foundation of every Human solution. I have worked with over hundred clients, and what I hear time and again is “Wow! I never knew such powerful tools existed." Doing this sacred work is an honor, gives me deep joy to be able to help people at a deep point of need, and address and resolve it at it's root. As a speaker, I love empowering my audience with knowledge of their power, and demonstrating it through a short, but powerful exercise. There is immense power in our very Breath. I have many short powerful exercises which I interchange for demonstration purposes, depending on the needs of the audience, and the purpose of the talk.  One thing is consistent throughout my talks and that is the Love that is shared in a contagious way, such that everyone can experience and leave with it.