Kim Allen
Speaker | Habit Transformation Coach | Live Without Limits

Kim Allen helps others embrace their mental and emotional strengths, overcome damaging habits and mindsets, and heal from trauma. Kim has over 20+ years of experience in various senior leadership roles, she recognizes that many people struggle with self-doubt, fear, and lack confidence to share their voice, ideas and aspirations. 

Kim understands how difficult times in life can seem utterly defeating. Her own life experiences have taught her that no matter how many trials you face - you can’t give into doubt. Creating the right shifts in habits of thinking brings forth new freedoms, reignites passion, and sets the soul on fire to make dreams and aspirations a reality!

Kim is available for podcasts, summits, and community and group events. Topics to include relationships, self-worth, empowerment, and habits.

Signature talk, “You are not defined by your life experiences”