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Women's Sync with Your Soul Life Purpose & Bodymindset Coach

Kelly Myszkowski is a Sync with Your Soul Life Purpose Coach, speaker, and writer.  She specializes in helping experienced professional women transcend the stress and uncertainty of heeding their Soul's whispers for a more Purpose-FULL life, by honing their natural ability to follow, and trust, their all-knowing Inner Guidance to what's next for them.  

Her client-centered approach supports the natural self-corrective tendencies of their bodymind system to: 

  • recognize stress and life challenges for the guidance they are,
  • relax deeply,
  • unwind limiting bodymindset patterns,
  • connect to the Source field of unlimited potentials and possibilities,
  • gain a deeper understanding of how their You-Nique innate intuitive guidance works,
  • and hone their ability to use their innate guidance
  • reveal who they ARE, what they REALLY want, & create newer patterns of BEING that support that revelation,
  • know and take their next steps On-Purpose.

She welcomes the opportunity to speak about: 

  • Stress - your innate guidance system to living your TRUTH and Purpose
  • When mantras and positive thinking DON'T work, and why
  • Finding and living your unique Purpose
  • Intuition isn't woo-woo, it's everyone's guidance system

When she's not engaged with her business, she can be found hanging out with her hubby, her pets, or enjoying some time on the St. Lawrence River banks.