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I help people work better together.

Kelly is the founder and CEO of Team Leadership Solutions, LLC.  She is an executive coach, author, and speaker on a mission to help people work better together. 

Kelly partners with leaders to develop strengths-based strategic plans that align employee development with organizational goals and mission. She works closely with teams to deliver her hybrid training formula, incorporating real-time scenarios directly applicable to employees’ roles. 

Her unique approach was borne of over 25 years in leading domestic and international teams and her extensive experience in navigating the complexities of remote and hybrid leadership. 

Kelly is passionate about working with clients who recognize the value of individual strengths and talents, and when we bring them together on a team that commits to working on the “we” rather than “me,” they can achieve great things.

For great advice and easily implementable insights from Kelly, check out her book “Maximizing Team Performance by Mastering Your ABCs.”


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Key Behaviors for Maximizing Team Performance

In a marketplace littered with negative statistics on employee satisfaction, inexperienced leadership, and poor communication, more recently amplified by hints of inflation and another flurry of mass layoffs, employee training, and development budgets are rising steadily.

The current workforce environment demands that leaders and organizations evolve in their culture, approach, and thinking. This strategy begins with clear, concise, and consistent communication, up and down.

The challenge for many leaders and organizations is where and how to apply those investments in the most impactful way to create cost-saving improvements that bring about better productivity and efficiency and reduce the immense costs many organizations lose yearly.

While communication is a frequent topic of leadership training, it continues to be a pivotal contributor to most challenges in the workplace. To combat this, instead of focusing on just one behavior, we look at three and how they interact, impact, and build on each other.

The three we will look at in this presentation are assumptions, boundaries, and communication. We will discuss the interdependencies and how addressing them individually instead of in correlation misses the mark on the root cause of so many leadership challenges.

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You Don't Need to Know Everything

We are continually bombarded with new information all day, every day.  We cannot possibly remember it all.


In leadership we are looked to as someone of authority therefore we feel obliged to have an answer or a solution.


How often do we hear about imposter syndrome or faking it until you make it?  How do these mindsets contribute to the success of a team or organization?


The most successful leaders develop a mindset that can quickly assess needs, harnesses the strengths of the collective, delegate and empower, and consistently provide necessary support for the team’s success.

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How Failure Enriches Our Life

The ability to learn from our mistakes takes humility and appreciation.  We do so as a means to an end but what if there are much deeper benefits to be had?


Whether we realize it or not, the lessons we learn play a huge part in who we are as employees, colleagues, leaders, and people.


Often we avoid or minimize these because they are tied to a failure.  They still weigh in.


We can allow those contributions to happen on accident or wherever they randomly appear or we can shape and apply them where we want to get the most out of them.

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