Kelly Cushing
Kelly Cushing she/her/hers

Kelly is a photographer who while doing art markets discovered the disconnect between artists and business. Mindset and overwhelm seemed to be a continuing link between most artist and creatives. That's when the Art Hive Collective was created. 

I work with artists who want to monetize their art, have monetized their art and are in a plateau or artists who are tired of doing it all alone. 

Kelly works with the artists to give them their own web page where she will add their bio and art to show and sell. It is all set up for their art to be purchased. There is a dedicated Facebook group for all artists involved where they can discuss issues, make friends and potentially collaborate on pieces of art. Every month, there are 3 roundtables with a speaker in the industry, from marketing, mindset, business, social media, etc.

There is also an opportunity to be the featured artist of the week which entails: Live interviews on Facebook and Facebook Group, a virtual exhibition of your art, featured on all social media platforms that The Art Hive uses ie, FB, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok  

You don't have to do it alone
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