Keith Uthe
Keith Uthe he/him/his
I Help People w/Their Mortgage & Building A Financial Life

As a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group, I am impacting people's financial futures by sharing knowledge and information that will help them live a greater financial life. My objective in every conversation or interaction that I have is to impact that person’s life in a way that could help them towards a life of abundance. My experience, training, and knowledge as a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, Certified Financial Life Professional, and Real Estate Investor, Certified Real Estate Investment Adviser is part of what I offer my clients that they are not able to find from any other mortgage broker. 
I represent client's to many different lenders. All banks and lenders have different terms for their mortgages and this is equally as important as the interest rate when making your borrowing decision. A home is likely the single largest investment and the mortgage is the single largest debt you will likely ever have so in addition to rate ensuring it offers you flexibility and freedom at minimal cost for those unexpected life moments is critical. The high-interest rate differential penalties that banks charge can crush a family financially when a change is required. Don’t let that be you.   Sound advice is so important when it comes to making your mortgage choice.