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Author of The Healthy Living Paradox

Katie P. Maloney is a health coach and speaker with a background in food science and building biology. After following generic health advice for years, she found herself extremely sick. She got better by researching food and environmental stressors, testing her sensitivity to those stressors, and developing a wellness plan that took her sensitivities into account.

She is now on a mission to help others find their food and environmental sensitivities and make changes to feel better. Her presentation answers the question, “If I’m so healthy, why do I feel so sick?” She discusses hidden stressors in “healthy” diets and homes, and how to determine if those stressors are making you sick.


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The Healthy Living Paradox: How to Determine if Your “Healthy” Diet and Home Are Making You Sick


Few people realize that blindly following health advice - even from so-called “gurus” - can actually make you sick.

In this presentation, scientist Katie P. Maloney explains how your supposedly healthy diet and home environment could be sabotaging your efforts to improve your health. In fact, what you’re doing to help yourself and your family feel better could actually be having the opposite effect.

The presenter is on a mission to show us how we can use simple science to break free from a paradox that has created so much confusion and overwhelm.

If you are doing all the “right” things and wondering why you or your family members are still not thriving, this presentation explains why.

Follow the presenter as she walks you through her version of the scientific method so you can finally find your way back to health.

Get ready to flourish with science.

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