Kashaun Parker
Kashaun Parker she/her/hers
Helping entrepreneurs gain momentum and confidence

Helping entrepreneurs gain momentum and confidence to take their business to the next level of growth 


Kashaun is an Award-winning Public Speaker, Transformational Business Coach, and CEO of Next Step Forward, LLC.  She works with new and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who ditched their 9 to 5 in the passionate pursuit of launching their dream businesses.

As a speaker, Kashaun meets her audiences right where they are to encourage them to resist the common urges to work harder and do more. Rather than taking measurable steps to actively move them forward in their business. 

She is to defeat the graveyard that is currently holding 86% of unrealized dreams and talents simply because the person with the vision didn't have the plan to execute.


Her vision is to empower others to step fully into their greatness with clarity, direction, and purpose.


Her goal is to help and support owners to gain clarity in their purpose so that they can execute with confidence and passion while connecting with their "why". I provide proven methods that will amplify impact as a leader and business owner, with greater clarity, direction, and action. 


Kashaun has shared partnerships with a wide variety of Organizations such as: 


• Progress Rail, A Caterpillar Company 

• Women in Manufacturing 

• J.M. Smucker’s 

• City of Milwaukee 

• Modern Widows Club



Professional Highlights: 


✓ Awards and accolades: 5X Winner of Toastmasters Best Speaker Award, 3x Winner of Toastmasters Extemporaneous Speaking Contest

✓ 15 years of business experience in Project Management and Leadership Development

✓ Executive member of Shared Connections Networking Group 

✓ President of Ladies Leadership League Women’s Group 

✓ VP of Public Relations for Toastmasters International D54 

✓ VP of Education for Toastmasters International D54

✓ ICF Accreditation for Coaching