Karen Tui Boyes
Champion for LifeLong Learning
2001 NZ Business Woman Of the Year 2013 NZ Speaker of the Year 2014 NZ Educator of the Year 2017 NZ Educator of the Year 2019 NZ Speaker of the Year Author 10 books

Hi! I'm Karen Tui Boyes a champion for LifeLong Learning, a multi-award winning speaker and educator and an author of 10 books.

I completed my teacher training and started teaching, full of passion and enthusiasm for the students in my class. Within months, I witnessed how the school environment eroded the children’s desire to learn, extinguished the “spark behind their eyes” and sapped their energy for discovery.

Now, as founder, head facilitator and CEO of Spectrum Education Limited, I have been leading a small (and dynamic!) team for the past 27years, which is determined to unleash everyone’s peak performance, with a focus on ensuring teachers, students and parents have a passion for learning, understand the learning process and know how to maximise it.


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Learning to Learn - strategies to support your child's learning.

Being able to learn is an important superpower in an ever-changing world. In this session you will learn how the brain learns, ways to stop the homework battle, 3 ways to ensure your child's educational success plus several learning tips and hints to improve recall and memory.


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