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Karen Bashford

Karen Bashford: Nominated for The Southern Enterprise Best Empowerment Coach of 2023 Award. Helps stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed business women become calm, confident and empowered as a Soul Healer and Intuitive Change Mentor.

She is an inspirational writer and speaker. Author of How to Be Imperfectly Perfect, A Practical Spiritual Guide to Becoming YOU! And What's Your Money Personality? Karen has co-authored several self-help books. 

Karen survived two emotionally abusive intimate relationships. She was left financially broke and suffering life-threatening illnesses after each relationship. Choosing to explore why she had attracted the relationships.  She discovered that although she believed she had not been abused as a child, she was emotionally.

For the last 15 years, Karen has helped women to release their trauma. In doing so, they rapidly manifest loving relationships, increase their financial wealth, and create successful businesses. Change careers or gain promotion and become healthy after suffering high levels of anxiety, stress and being close to burnout.

Karen is on a mission to empower women to stop abuse and trauma from being passed on to the next generation. When a woman changes her energetic memory of the past, she changes the lives of her children. This creates a ripple effect expanding into the community and the world.



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Know Yourself To Succeed in Your Endeavours

Know Yourself To Succeed in Your Endeavours

This talk, which can vary in length, is empowering and inspiring.

I speak about my life experiences and then share how the participants can heal and empower themselves to manifest their desired lives.

Surviving two abusive relationships, life-threatening illnesses and being financially broke. I know the struggles women face, feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.  

All too often, it doesn't matter how hard women try to make their lives successful; there are areas that they fail in, such as relationships, careers, health, or financially.  


Despite working hard to live a fulfilling life, I continued to face further problems.

My journey exploring why has provided tremendous insights into how, as energetic beings, we bring into our lives what matches what we know. Despite thinking we are in control of our lives.

Moreover, it was not until my 50s that I found the root cause of my many challenges. However, I struggled until my 60s, when I had a nervous breakdown. It was then that I finally resolved the last remaining trauma.


This left me calm, confident, and healthy, living free of old limiting beliefs and behaviours. Fully aligned with my soul, living my DREAM life.


The KB Method and The D.R.E.A.M System are based on my healing experiences and empowering myself and hundreds of women from the deepest level of trauma rapidly and permanently.

The KB Method consists of 3 steps.
💜 Know Yourself
💚 Love Yourself 
💙 Trust Yourself

While The D.R.E.A.M System supports the KB Method with 5 steps
✅ Discover yourself
✅ Review, reflect and release
✅ Empower
✅ Align 
✅ Manifest


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Your Body Knows How To Heal

You Are Your Past, Present, and Future

You Are Your Dream

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Business Education +5
Abundance Abuse +17