Ms. Juri Love she/her/hers
Actress/Journalist/Mental Health Advocate and Speaker

Juri Love (AKA Goddess of Connection) is a survivor of child sex abuse, domestic violence, bullying, and homelessness. She was born and raised in Japan and was greeted by the Japanese crown prince and princess, now emperor and empress, when she was sent to the U.S.A. as an emissary at age 18. She now resides in Foxboro, MA. She has two children, Jaden and Jayla, and is thriving in her life as a single mom and entrepreneur.

She has many accolades that include being a recipient of Heroes Among Us from the NBA Boston Celtics and a Volunteerism Award from the New England Patriots. She is also an award-winning TV/Film producer, journalist, musician, model, actress, and podcaster who uses her platform to bring awareness to people suffering from similar social issues she endured. Juri was the president/founder of a non-profit called Genuine Voices which taught music to juvenile offenders in the detention program.

As an actress, she appeared in the Oscar-nominated film "Don't Look Up" as a Japanese Reporter along with her son Jaden Onwuakor who shared the stage with Sir Mark Rylance and was directed by Oscar-winning writer/director Adam McKay. Additionally Juri worked on the Marvel Studios movie Shang-Chi at Paramount Studio in Hollywood as a photo double of Michelle Yeoh.

She has also been featured on Japanese TV in a reality show that was viewed by 7.5 million people. As an author, her book "A Gift from Adversity'' was #1 on Amazon's New Release in 3 categories in 2020. Not only that but her podcast with the same title as her book is attracting guests from all over the world sharing adversities, tools to overcome, and a gift that came from it.

As a musician, she received a scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She then started to play piano at the age of 3 and joined her mother's band at the age of 4. After graduation, she toured nationally with the singer from The B-52's Kate Pierson and has played piano in many venues and high-profile political events.

As a verified journalist, and award-winning film/TV producer, Juri feels compelled to create and hold a space for people to be able to share their adversity and mental health and remove the stigma from society so people can strive and not regret dwelling on their trauma and challenges.