Julie Hood

Julie Hood helps turn coaches, authors, experts and bloggers into well-paid experts with their own amazing online courses. She shares the best tools, resources and strategies each week on her Course Creators HQ podcast & her website at 


She created her first online program way back in the dark ages of the Internet with a $14.95 ebook when she left the corporate world. Since then she has been working to help her clients create six-figure launches and build online businesses from the ground up. Her clients partnered with teams from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Brian Tracy, Russell Brunson, Kevin Harrington and lots more -- and now she shares that knowledge with her audiences.  


Julie‚Äôs superpower is taking complicated online processes and making them simpler and easier for her followers. 


Julie Hood is an office supply addict and the daughter of the most organized woman she knows. 



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