Julie Kaanapu

Julie Kaanapu, NBC-HWC (national board certified-health & wellness coach) has over 25 years in the health industry from physical therapy, implementing medication management protocols, coaching clients to achieve their health goals, to assisting physicians with training and certification programs to improve patient outcomes and reduce risk of disease.


She has a duel bachelor’s degree in sports medicine & biology from the University of Oregon, is a national board-certified health & wellness coach, certified in functional nutrition from FNL, certified life coach from HCI, certified graduate of Worldlink Medical (mastering the protocols for optimization of hormone replacement therapy), a physician liaison - medical consultant & field coach with BioTE Medical (national training company on preventative medicine through nutraceutical & hormone optimization), a speaker, and lifestyle medicine practitioner.


Her passion is to teach women over 40 who are struggling to be heard or understood by their doctor how to reduce symptoms of F.L.A.B.B. (fatigue, low libido, anxiety, brain fog & belly fat), without unnecessary medications so they can feel healthy & vibrant to live an improved quality of life!