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Joy Montgomery uses common sense and constraints management to help small to mid-sized businesses develop, define and maintain formal procedures and departmental interfaces. Her passion is to help you keep America and Americans working. She wants to help you succeed! Joy’s presentation, “Improving Productivity with Effective Communication” was presented at an APICS International Conference in Orlando, Florida and at a Bar-Camp for the Product Management Association. At a Bar Camp on the Yahoo campus, she presented “If You Want to Hit the Deck Running, There Has to BE a Deck: Specifications, Standards, and Procedures.” Her yet to be published book, REBOOT YOUR BUSINESS: Find and Fix the Leaks in Your Operation, could make a difference for you.


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REBOOT YOUR BUSINESS: Find and Fix the Leaks in Your Operation

What to do? What to do? The situation changed. The unexpected happened. Your profits are disappearing down the drain. The “way we’ve always done it” is not working any more. So – how do you figure out what needs to change?

So much goes into finding a strategy for all the things that come your way. It can be hard to know where to start. It’s especially hard when you’re in “firefighting” mode. You need a reboot!

Friends have turned to consultants who offer packages. One friend told me he had been working with a coach from a well-known firm for just over a year. Then, he said, “We haven’t addressed my specific problems yet, but I’m learning a lot of stuff I didn’t know before.” That friend spent tens of thousands of dollars learning stuff he didn’t know before but his company was still bleeding. It’s situations like this that inspired me to write my book. You’re probably not in business to put someone else’s kids through college or pay for their cruises.

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