Josh Zepess
Josh Zepess
The Identity Archaeologist
Too many to list. Ask me! ;)

The human language.

It's the most powerful and magnetically attractive language in the world.  And there are no words to describe it…literally.  It's the flow of emotion and energy that brings an honest message to life - in a way that opens hearts and minds.

And it's the language a speaker must harness if they want to have that 1-on-1 conversation with 100,000 people at the same time and then move that audience to action.

The problem?  You have to tell the truth. You can't fake it or cover it up with a “professional” veneer.  There is no amount of polish, credentials, or acumen to cover up a lack of passion and genuine care and concern for others.

The human language only works in your favor when you are convicted in your message and are no longer shy about shouting it from the rooftops.

I'm Josh - The Identity Archaeologist - and I'm bringing humanity back to business, one talented professional and solopreneur at a time.

I accomplish my mission of ensuring these folks raise their ROC - Return On Conversation - and turn every business first impression into a second impression (where the sale can happen!) in several ways:

  • Eliminating professionalism - Separating our business and personal lives is tearing us apart.
  • Discovering and articulating authentic personal brands - The ONLY unique thing in your business.
  • Teaching the power of a killer presentation - No scripts, only flow.
  • Helping people go from shy to shine - In networking, presenting, and marketing.
  • Creating micro-brands for direct salespeople - A differentiation that goes beyond their platform brand.
  • Sharing the keys to crushing any goal - Not just the mechanics, but the psychology that few others speak about.
  • Giving people the permission and the ability to once again speak human in every business conversation.

There's much more I'd love to share, and at this point, you should have a good idea if you'd like to speak with me.   I'm a complete open book and love sharing all my genius, insight, and ideations with anyone.

Keep shining (that's an order!)