John A Hardy
John A Hardy
Professional Coach / Consultant; Professional Speaker with over 40 years of experience; Mentor;Key Areas - Organisational health & growth; Executive leadership development; Team Building; Team assessment & performance; Strategic and action planning;
"John helped us become more profitable. Since beginning work with him we have grown the business by 15% per annum"
- All Aboard Seafoods.

I am the the Founder and Director of Peak Consultancy in WA, offering considerable across-the-board commercial experience and life skills. This quality business is the bedrock upon which the WA operation is built. 

The main areas that I specialise in are:

🔹 Business Coaching
🔹 Executive Coaching
🔹 Professional Coaching

After an early career in electronics, I discovered an aptitude for leadership with a natural ability to understand, grow and drive business. Early coaching work with a single store fledgling franchise has translated into an internationally renowned $110 million per annum turnover success story. I also understand small business from the sharp end, and have, over the past 25 years, built Peak Consultancy to the point where it has a credible, respected and accepted place in the WA marketplace.

I have a pioneering spirit, putting my hand up to drive start-up projects and take on challenges of exceptional commercial difficulty. The many successes include leading an organisation that had lost its core ethos and was suffering from a very dysfunctional management structure through to a completely re-engineered and highly motivated entity within 12 months. 

The notion of ‘legacy’ underpins my work and beliefs. 

“We help clients understand that we’ve been on the same journey of defining and understanding our life purpose. Consequently, we move from just being success orientated to becoming people who really want to make a difference and leave a legacy for others. Facilitating that quantum change in attitude and perception is now very much part of my life purpose.”

- John Hardy

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