Joanne Grigoriev
Joanne Grigoriev she/her/hers
I help you Age Backwards and Thrive Forwards with REDOX
Redox Advocate for 11 years / Cellular Health Coach / BMus

REDOX Wellness Educator / Holistic Health at the Cellular Level


Joanne is an experienced REDOX Wellness Advocate and Educator. For 11 years she has been helping others to take their health to the next level by guiding them through the cellular detox and repair that the body activates when REDOX Balance is in abundance. Joanne appreciates emerging holistic health technologies that merge with the body's native healing process. She desires that all people around the globe benefit from such forward-thinking, native-to-the-body health solutions which empower homeostasis and balance.  Joanne is keenly aware that the toxicity of our modern environment is overwhelming all of us at the cellular level and whether we 'feel it or not" our cells are just not keeping up.  Good modern solutions and sound education are needed. She believes that knowledge of CELLULAR HEALTH and REDOX BALANCE can shift the paradigm bringing true health to all peoples around the globe.