Jill Phillips
Jill Phillips
Work/Life Balance
Professional Coach for Life, Leadership and Business

Jill stands out as one of the most authentic, engaging, and inspiring speakers of the year, captivating audiences with her ability to shatter the myths surrounding work/life balance. Through her powerful talks, she equips her listeners with a transformative framework that propels both their personal and professional lives to the next level.

As a seasoned Professional Coach, Jill specializes in cutting-edge leadership strategies for life and business. Her expertise extends to providing actionable tools that empower individuals and organizations to gain clarity, focus, and alignment, fostering impactful performance. With a deep commitment to teaching, Jill's mission is rooted in helping people get to the heart of the matter, realize their vision, and lead fulfilling lives by breaking down the traditional barriers between life and business, seamlessly integrating them for authentic success.

Jill's journey into coaching began amid a dynamic life—teaching in both public and private school sectors, navigating the complexities of marriage and motherhood in a blended family with five children. Fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, she took a courageous leap of faith, launching her coaching business in 2015. Jill's extensive coaching education includes EOS Worldwide™ (Traction), where she served as a Professional EOS Implementer and business coach. She is also a graduate of Coach for Life and The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ for Life & Leadership.

Armed with a B.S. in Communication Disorders and additional studies in psychology and neuroscience, Jill seamlessly blends a holistic approach with transformational psychology and strategic business insight. Her unique strategy and soul approach have positioned her as a trailblazer among coaches in the realms of life, leadership, and business, distinguishing her as a trusted guide for those seeking genuine and lasting success.