Jessica Tietjen
Owner & Founder

Jessica Tietjen, J.D., is a spouse, mother, leader, lawyer, talent management professional, technology enthusiast, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, an author, and consultant. After law school, Jessica began her career in the corporate arena expanding from legal to a leader of Talent Management and multiple operations functions. For over ten years, she shaped corporate Talent Management programs by creating strategies for peak performance. As a result, her workplace was recognized as a three-time Gallup Global Exceptional Workplace and won multiple Brandon Hall Awards. Jessica wrote her first book, The Exceptional Life R-Evolution, to help anyone, in any role, in any place evolve to reach peak performance because she believes by reaching peak performance people can live their best life, an exceptional life. Her business, Evolving to Exceptional, works to make the opportunity to reach peak performance accessible to everyone by providing training, resources, tools, and coaching for individuals. They also partner closely with businesses to create exceptional experiences for their people and specializes in supporting small to mid-size businesses to grow their human capital talent enablement strategies. Jessica is currently working on her second book, Fiercely Cherished Beings, and is the host of the Evolving to Exceptional podcast.


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