Jen Hardy
Jen Hardy she/her/hers
Supporting women to create a life that inspires
IBNLP NLP Trainer, Master Certified NLP & ICF Life Coach

Jen Hardy has a gift of humor, vurnerabilty and presence that creates a safe space for women to step into their true self

and own their power.

As an Empowerment Coach, certified NLP Trainer and Speaker, she has impacted thousands of women to discover a life that truly inspires them.

Jen is also the co-founder and executive director of Dangerously CUTE, a local nonprofit that supports females to learn to be their own first line of defense.


Jen is looking for opportunities to speak live and virtually to women and girls who are feeling lost, stuck or unispired. Who could use tanglible skills and tools to move themselves towards their next chapter. As a certifed NLP trainer Jen is able to offer real life expirience that creates a story telling vibe and yet offers an educational enviroment for her crowds to walk away with actionable information.