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Hey! I'm Jen Buck.
I began the first decade of my career in a startup helping to launch a billion dollar global and award-winning brand while in a leadership development training role. Having now been a professional Keynote Speaker for 24 years, I've given over 10,000 programs impacting over a million people throughout my career. I am currently the Chief Communications Officer for an organization that helps families in need and have been the Chief of Staff for three federal U.S. Congressional campaigns.  I know leadership and getting more women into the C-Suite matters to me. 

As a bestselling author with six publications, each of my books have been written to help elevate women.  I also host a television show that is seen in 50 countries worldwide, as well as a podcast that highlights female leaders who are changing their corner of the world. For the last 6 years I have led over 30,000 women in the southwestern and western regions of the U.S. for one of the largest women’s organizations in the country which  helps create momentum for women who are looking to take the lead civically. I'm committed to amplifying women in any way I can. 

Partnering with the biggest brands in the world, I help to develop their high- performing women through keynotes, training, and coaching. With an inspiring and fast-paced speaking style, along with a strategic roadmap, women can confidently step into their power and transform their leadership influence. We need more women in the executive suites and boardrooms where decisions are being made, and I'm passionate about helping them get there.


When we make space for more of us, we create success for all of us. 


Becoming a Woman of Impact

Rock Your Personal Brand 

The Power of the 21st Century Woman 

Daring to Lead With Vulnerability 

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Becoming a Woman of Impact

* WOMEN * INSPIRATION * MOTIVATION * LEADERSHIP * (Keynote: in person or virtual) 

This keynote is perfect for:
Women, Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations


The future is female. And so is much of our past. When we look at social change and the myriad contributions women have made, both to historical events and to the society that shapes our modern world, it's a woman's social and emotional compass that is often guiding us. There has truly never been a better time for women to take the lead in creating massive social impact than right this very moment. We are watching more women open organizations, more women lead companies, and more countries with women at the helm-- these are exciting times as we watch women take center stage and stand in their truth. This inspiring and soul-stirring keynote will encourage women to take the lead, step into their power, and create a movement that will have an impact on the world around them.

As the Chief Communications Officer for a female-founded and led nonprofit organization, along with being the founder of a nonprofit herself, Jen Buck is committed to being a woman of impact. Whether it's working in the humanitarian aid sector, leading U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff for marginalized candidates, or starting community action projects, Jen is committed to utilizing every resource she can to make a difference so that everyone is treated equitably. The goal is to leave the world better than we found it-- and that's why this keynote matters so much.

In this inspiring and uplifting keynote participants will learn to:


We make an impact by stepping into the unknown, disregarding fear and focusing on how we can create change that will benefit others.

Bold moves demand imagination and determination, and women have that in spades! Dreaming big, finding the right partners, and being willing to lean in are what will help us leave a mark.

Our ability to adapt to change and make the most of newfound challenges and opportunities will be the key differentiator in the impact that we make.

Business Leadership
International Women's Day Leadership +2
Rock Your Personal Brand; Building Influence and Creating Raving Fans

*  WOMEN  * PROFESSIONAL BRANDING  *  LEADERSHIP  *   (Keynote: in person or virtual)


This keynote is perfect for:
Women, Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations


Everyone wants to be a rockstar. A professional rockstar is a woman who has the power to impact the decisions of others because of her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with her peers. We often think of personal branding as being a necessity for those associated with an online presence or digital business. However, in today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving business world, the footprint you leave online, and also in the hallways, boardroom, and email threads, is not only important but can have a massive impact on your trajectory. A strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities, which also allows you to build a strong network of influential allies and fans.

In this fast paced and energetic keynote participants will understand the power of maximizing their brand so that they can increase their influence and be seen as a thought leader who is indispensable and irreplaceable to those in positions of power. By strategically incorporating these highly effective ideas into your professional development, you are bound to find your influence growing more rapidly and steadily, while gaining the respect of top leadership in your organization.


The goal is to create a larger impact and get those standing ovations! Learn to build a strong, authentic reputation in order to influence and activate more people.


No more playing second fiddle! Usethelawsof Strategic Positioning to build your relevance and bring forth progressive ideas that will help you take center stage.

No more playing it by ear! Strategically create opportunities and choreograph proximity to those with authority and influence. It's all about who you know!

Business Leadership
Business International Women's Day +3
The Power of the 21st Century Woman

*  WOMEN  *  INSPIRATION  *  MOTIVATION  *  LEADERSHIP *   (Keynote: in person or virtual)


This keynote is perfect for:
Women, Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations


You have probably heard the quote "Behind every successful woman is a squad of other successful women who have her back." High-performing women understand the truth in this phrase, fully. We are where we are because of those brave and resilient women who came before us and dared to rock the boat. We are who we are because of the sisterhood who has continued to advocate for us. In this inspiring and empowering keynote, Jen will share the secrets to tapping into that reservoir of strength and drive that moves mountains. She will take you to the height of inspiration while also encouraging you to settle into the resonance of your purpose. We are better together... and understanding that power gives women momentum as they climb the ladder.

As a result of this inspiring keynote presentation you will be able to:


  • Understand what sociologists calls feminine power and how to use it to supercharge your upward mobility
  • Realize how your Athena spirit impacts those around you, based on recent worldwide studies
  • Maximize your personal brand and use it to be a strong influencer in your workplace
  • Tap into your deep bravery in order to fearlessly speak truth to power when setting expectations and limits
  • Learn the rules of engagement to build your network of strong supporters
  • Use your power to pave the way for the women and girls who will follow in your footsteps- they need you, as much as you needed your squad

If you are managing a team, climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business, finishing your education, stepping up to lead in your community, or raising your family, this keynote is for you. It will help you tap into that fire within, so that you can leave a lasting and meaningful mark in the workplace, marketplace, and community. When women are better represented in leadership roles and positions of power, more women succeed across the board.

Business Leadership
International Women's Day Leadership +2
Daring to Lead With Vulnerability

*  WOMEN  *  INSPIRATION  *  MOTIVATION  *  LEADERSHIP  *   (Keynote: in person or virtual)

This keynote is perfect for:
Women, Leaders, Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations


The power of vulnerability in leadership is not to be underestimated. When done in the right environment with the right people, talking about your struggles can be life-changing and should be seen as a superpower and not a weakness. While being vulnerable can increase your risk of being hurt, emotionally or physically, it also opens up the opportunity for leaders to have meaningful conversations that build authentic relationships. In fact, studies have shown that social connections benefit our mental and physical health, including the cultural health of an organization.

For leaders looking to practice vulnerability, it's important to understand that being vulnerable doesn't mean that you need to share your entire life story; waterworks are not a requirement. Rather, it's about understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie and being honest about them with not only your team, but yourself too. Being open doesn't come naturally to everyone. Exhibiting vulnerability requires high degrees of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and humility, so you'll need to be comfortable admitting mistakes and depending on your teammates. But if you model this leadership style, you'll reap the benefits of an inspired and innovative workforce.

When we hear the stories of successful people we are frequently inspired by the circumstances and obstacles they were able to overcome along their path. Although we go to great lengths to hide our own vulnerability, it is most often the vulnerable leaders who share their weaknesses and struggles that we find the most authentic, inspiring and easy to connect with.

In this powerful and motivational keynote/workshop you will learn to:

  • Build meaningful connections that will stand the test of time
  • Experience greater innovation by meeting challenges with authenticity and openness
  • Utilize Emotional Intelligence which will lead to greater trust and commitment on the team
  • Stimulate stronger collaboration, learning, and growth with those you lead
  • Understand the power of Strategic Exposure when leading through challenging circumstances
  • Recognize the power of human connection in the workplace and how to use it to increase retention, output, and commitment


Business Leadership
International Women's Day Leadership +2