Jean Berry
Jean Berry she/her/hers
Business Game Expert

Jean is a business game expert who uses games, decks and accountability to increase your revenue and impact. Creatives, Coaches and Consultants hire her to develop games that have people lean in, increase engagement, referrals and results.

The truth is, most creative business owners who use personal development strategies to support their clients struggle to focus and articulate what they do, be seen as unique, and grow their businesses.

Games and decks help their messaging become interactive, understandable and creates a foundation for growth.

Jean is a brilliant business strategist who helps her creative clientele create a personal game board of success. When they play their game, abundance happens. 

Bottom line: Through Games, Jean Amplifies Your Transformational Amazingness to Impact in the World


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Games that Grow Your BiZ

Games that Grow your BiZ is a 3-part Interactive Game for Growing your business

Inside we will play 3 games that then come together to create a one-piece-of-paper action plan that is FUN, COLORFUL and holds your attention until it is COMPLETE, taking you to your NEXT Game. 


The Gameboard--Three Games - The Angel Game,  The Peacock Game and The Butterfly Game


Supplies needed: A piece of paper, a pen and something to color with: crayons, markers, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, etc., several pennies or buttons


Who this is for: Creative and Neurodivergent business owners who know they need do things differently from all the BiZ advise out there to succeed.. 

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