Janine Morohashi
Janine Morohashi
Customer Enthusiast || Digital Strategist || Travel Lover || Avid Personal Development Junkie
EMCEE, Designer, Writer and Networker. Janine Morohashi is a Digital Marketer with a diverse background in Graphic Design, Emceeing, Writing her blog on the side, and travelling A LOT! With all this experience, she has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals create their most authentic brand through their social media, writing, and graphic design. If you need an EMCEE, a digital marketer, or even just a genuine, good friend to laugh with, Janine is your gal! :)

I am passionate about building strong relationships and helping people whether it be clients in the boardroom or everyday customers on social media.

I have developed a career around these core values:

Creating things - whether it be physically creating things with my hands, community programs, planning massive events, or styling outfits; creativity is a passion of mine.

Good Conversation - I believe you can learn a lot about an industry or a customer’s needs by having the right conversations and connecting the dots to bring about an impactful change.

Brainstorming - Strategy to me is all about flexing my analytical mind! I think of the best ways to properly plan, research, execute, and achieve customer or company goals.

Love Traveling - Learning is at the core of who I am, and travel is an opportunity to explore and try new things in a relatively safe environment. As a result, I have lived in 3 countries (Canada, Japan, and the Philippines), learned their languages, and travelled to over 20 more.

If you are interested in talking people, creative solutions, or strategy please reach out!