Janie Anderson-Temperley
Janie Anderson-Temperley
Mother. Author. Sanomentologist. Interactive Lucide dream technology. Healy.

I never believed I could so it didn't happen- until I reached 47 years old and then I decided it was ok to write a book. I have been blessed with the experience of what can only be described as an awakening. I had poetry in every drawer of my home and I still have piles untouched.I started to realise this was my way of removing pain when I needed to. I wasn't brave and I certainly didn't think it was good enough. However, its all about messages and channelling what feels right to your soul at any given time and 2020 was my time to release The Navistar- he felt right. Our children already have all the answers inside their beautiful minds and their bodies in the form of intuition. They have an inbuilt Sat-Nav guidance system better than any book or literature available to them but do they know what it feels like and do they trust it? Do they listen to their inner guide (intuition) and can you develop this skill early on to start to make really good decisions? My book is not technical and it comes from pure heart space, motherhood and observation. Interestingly it is still developing as I develop as an author. 


I come from a place of knowing now a skill I believe some have and trust early on and others have to grow into it. Self love and trust is one of the most important things we can teach our children. The Navistar starts to give children a sense of self-love and trust to listen to their inner guide. My book is the start of a child's magical mystical journey of self love and gratitude, understanding how intuition works and can be used to navigate life.