Janet Stegman she/her/hers
Bestselling Author, Law Degree, 15 yrs. Addiction Counselor

Author Janet Stegman feels like she is that member of the tribe who went out and acquired knowledge and wisdom and has come back to teach her tribe how to turn their sadness, anxiety and feeling stuck into a life of joy, creativity, and inner peace – how to live from a place of lightheartedness in this game of life – without addiction, depression, or feeling traumatized or being held back by the pain of the past.

Janet was horribly bullied as a child. At 17 years old, a debilitating eating disorder showed up in her life: She was bingeing out of control – until she was stuffed and feeling sick. And then going back for more. In college, a friend told her about Overeaters Anonymous. She thought her friend was crazy and then proceeded to enroll in “Schick for Weight Loss”.  A few months later, when “Schick” stopped working, Janet sucked it up and went to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. When she heard the speaker say, “I can eat a whole pizza in one sitting,” she knew she was home!

Stegman worked her 12-Step program for 35 years, saw therapists, and discovered her spiritual path, the journaling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “the tapping”), and inner child work. One morning she woke up and realized she was no longer an addict. She began helping others heal their pain from the past and their addictions and loved being a spiritual counselor and healer.

Janet is effortlessly keeping off 50 lbs. and doesn't ever overeat anymore. She no longer has to fight that part of her that couldn’t stop eating or lose weight. She has figured out the formula to maintain a healthy weight and healthy eating habits. She gets it, she did it, and she shares her secrets in her book SANDCASTLES: TOOLS FOR LETTING GO OF ADDICTION AND THE PAIN OF THE PAST. By utilizing the tools outlined in SANDCASTLES, readers can catapult themselves into a life of joy, reaching goals, and living dreams, all while smelling the flowers along the way.


SANDCASTLES is a detailed minute-by-minute instruction manual for letting go of any kind of addiction, trauma, or pain still remaining from the past, with a method for releasing any kind of mental or emotional pain in real time that comes up in the future. Janet Stegman demonstrates the success of her program by telling stories about her own experience with addiction and emotional pain and how she healed herself of them. As the author is a stand-up comedian, you can imagine how easy to digest the books is as she inserts her sense of humor throughout. She feels that when we can laugh at ourselves, half the battle is won! SANDCASTLES is written in an organic, conversational, down-to-earth style so that from beginning to start the reader is riveted, and before they know it has imbibed helpful techniques for living a happier, more enriching life.