Jane Malyon
Jane Malyon
Jane runs The English Cream Tea Company, delivering afternoon tea/gifts UK wide. Author of 'Play Nicely - Best Behaviour in Business' and Amazon best seller: 'Scone or Scon(e) - the essential Guide to British Afternoon Tea'. Jane has a Guinness World Record for the largest tea party, has given a TEDx and her YouTube videos reach 650,000. Jane's been a speaker for 30 years and a business coach. "Simply an inspiration!" Lou Johnson, Bluesky Revenue Generation.... "I've watched Jane a few times, she's always wonderful. Completely uplifted a room." Philippa Richard.... "Great - brilliant comments!" Hunter Ruthven, Editor of Real Business... "Really enjoyed what she had to say at the event. One of my favourite parts of the day." Patrick Phelan, The Happiness Index.." Brilliant talk - went down a storm. Easily the best speaker we've ever had." Sandra McAdam... "Amazing. Inspirational too!" Gary White, Business Development Director, CBHC LLP
A seasoned speaker, Jane will bring warmth, smiles and rapport to your event.

She may have with her a teapot or even a cucumber sandwich...but these are memorable metaphors for the art of diplomacy and communication methods to make your teams and clients feel engaged and treasured.

Jane believes afternoon tea could save the world and we should all put the TEA into TEAm building.

Described as a National Treasure, stand by your teapots everyone, because Jane and her scones are on their way.