Jamie Boggeln
Jamie Boggeln
Bomb Ass Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant, specializing in summits, online interviews, webinars and course creation.

 As a sought after Virtual Assistant for online entrepreneurs, Jamie Boggeln has empowered many entrepreneurs to build momentum in their businesses, be seen and get amazing results producing online Bomb Ass summits.    

Jamie Boggeln has also founded several businesses of her own, including Tumble Gym Bus, a children’s mobile gym and nutrition program in San Diego County, FAB Mommy Lifestyle -mom empowerment coaching and now My V.A. Girl, a virtual agency.  

Jamie is magnetically energizing, inspiring and truly motivational.  She resides in San Diego, CA with her husband and 3 kids.  She LOVES going barefuoot and riding in her golf cart along the 101 watching the waves of Southern California’s beaches!  


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Create Some Bomb Ass Momentum So That You Can Attract Clients Who Know, Like and Trust You!
Wouldn’t it be amazing to suddenly have a stage to speak to hundreds or thousands of people???

Wouldn’t it be amazing to open up your email one day and have these hundreds of potential clients already know, like and trust you?

How amazing would it be to rub shoulders with experts and gurus who are already big names in your industry? 

I can tell you the easiest way to build, promote and launch an online interview series so that you can start creating clients!!!

Business Education +4
Advertising Book Launches +42