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Award-Winning Sales Expert, Trainer, Business Facilitator, Author, Intl Speaker & Media Host of MAKE IT RAIN SALES on BoldBrave Media TV NYC


Jackie is a professional speaker who brings ENERGY-EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT to the stage and leaves the audience asking for ‘MORE’!  She is a highly successful sales and business expert, a sought-after conference and convention speaker that WOWS YOUR AUDIENCE each and every time giving them tremendous value-add take-aways, while elevating them to higher levels of revenue and business success. 

Selling is a critical necessity of every business… every size… every type. If you do not know how to promote you, your product or your company, and you do not know how to generate customers or close deals, you will not have a business for very long.  This means Jackie can talk to any business audience. 

But full of surprises… she has MORE THAN JUST BUSINESS topics to offer. How about her                               Life Disrupted-I Died! or Hitting Bottom! or Heels of Steel-Badass In the Today's Business!   (https://rainmakersgroup.ca/speaking/)

HER GIFT IS EMPOWERING PEOPLE WITH CONIFDENCE, often THROUGH HER STORIES & EXPERIENCES. Her vulnerability, honesty and humility allows people to believe if she can do it - so can they!  Her out-of-the-box thinking makes you look at things in a totally different way.  She is not your ‘ordinary’.  And she is not just teaching out of a book. As an award-winning, record-breaking, TOP PERFORMER AT EVERY JOB SHE EVER WORKED AT…she knows it, loves it and has lives it - she knows what she is talking about. She has the successes & failures to support it! 

If you are looking for a POWERFUL SPEAKER WHO INSPIRES, gets the crowd going, wows them, makes them laugh, and over-delivers with an ABUNDANCE OF VALUE-ADD TAKE-AWAYS, then Jackie is your speaker.  

When your AUDIENCE MEMBERS LEAVE, they are motivated and inspired to try new things, open to new ways of thinking, and have AN ARSENAL OF NEW STRATEGIES  to implement in their business, and in their lives.

If you are needing someone to EXCEED YOUR AUDIENCE'S EXPECTATIONS (and yours) by being planned, prepared, on time, and flexible -  someone who SIMPLIFIES YOUR JOB and who knows her only mandate is to MAKES YOU SHINE!  Then you absolutely need to reach out and have Jackie speak at your event!  


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