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Get quick and effective pain relief with QR cream.

Starting in 2009, Dr. Bertrand limited her family practice to treating only those with chronic pain. She injected plant derived mannitol around painful nerves to stop them producing pain signals.  Before the needle was out of the skin the pain was gone! So she developed and is marketing a highly effective pain relieving cream, QR cream (https://QR cream.com). After years of "nonspecific" low back pain, she developed a new way of examining and treating the lower back in 2 minutes that everyone can do, which provides immediate relief to 80% of sufferers.


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About QR cream

QR Cream Provides fast-acting, long-lasting relief from aching, burning, tingling pain—NO prescription required.

It is the first and only pain-relief cream with natural, plant-based mannitol—the ONLY new topical pain relief ingredient in decades!  Mannitol turns off the pain or itch signal that damaged nerves send to the brain. No pain signal to the brain = no pain.  See how much better mannitol is than all other pain relieving ingredients: https://qrcream.com/ca/clinical-evidence/


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