Heather Murphy she/her/hers
Genealogist | Creator of TraceLine Success

Heather is a genealogist who works with people to leverage their ancestry in a way that helps them overcome sources of doubt and fear, capitalize on the strength, skills, and success of the past, and build a legacy that will inspire generations.  Drawing from genealogy, psychology, and genetics, Heather helps audiences understand how their lives are shaped by the experiences of generations before them.  Knowing what happened in their ancestors' lives empowers people by deepening self-identity, increasing courage, and broadening perspective.

Heather's signature talk is “Grow Success by Digging in Your Roots” which covers:

  • how beliefs and behaviors are passed down generations,
  • why the past doesn't stay in the past,
  • how learning the stories of ancestors helps us bridge the gap between our present and the future we desire, and
  • 3 key steps to discover the power of your past and apply it to your future