Heather Barrie
Heather Barrie she/her/hers
Goal-Setting Revolutionary : Best-selling Author : Speaker

Heather Barrie is revolutionising Goal Setting & Achievement with her trademarked MARSTA Goals™ process.

In an unpredictable and complex world, Heather inspires entrepreneurs and small teams to change the way they set and achieve their goals! Heather's innovative approach, bold energy, ideation skills and ability to put people at ease, creates sessions that are memorable, interactive and inspirational for all involved. With a background in finance, entrepreneurship and mentoring, green politics, complementary health. hospitality and community hosting, Heather is able to connect to a variety of audiences with intelligence, passion and empathy. 

Opportunities Sought : 

Keynotes, workshops and facilitating at Conferences, Exhibitions & Trade Shows that attract Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and SMEs

Keynote Topic Ideas:

  • Re-writing the Goal Setting script! 
  • Why SMART Goals suck!
  • Stop Procrastinating – Start Doing!
  • Focus Your Neurodivergent Squirrels to Get Sh*t Done