Heather Abbott
Heather Abbott
Prosperity Pro
She spent decades as a CPA, financial advisor, and entrepreneur with a business degree from Acadia University, and is the owner and founder of Prosperity & Possibilities Presentations Inc. and Abbott Wealth Education. Has her show “Prosperity & Possibilities” airing on YouTube and as a podcast. She served on the Board of Directors for CGA Nova Scotia for a few years leading up to the merger of the Canadian accounting professions. Heather is currently writing two books, "Financial Empowerment for Women", and “The Hidden key to True Fulfillment”

Heather has spent decades as a CPA, financial advisor, mindset worker and entrepreneur. 

When you have a mission or a dream that feels too big, Heather will guide you on your unique path to overcome challenges, reach your goals more easily, and make the impact you want!

As a speaker, coach and creator of the podcast, Prosperity & Possibilities she is a fierce advocate for heart centered entrepreneurs taking their place amongst the wealthy of the world. As we each embrace our fulfilled lives, we will enable more people to live the life they truly deserve with money and time to spare!

Combining right brained, mindset work with left brained number work is her specialty. She brings magic to money and makes the heaviest of subjects feel light. Even number avoidant individuals breathe a sigh of relief with her approach.

She speaks publicly about the ending of her marriage which includes her leaving followed by his suicide in from of her. The points include the similarities of leaving an abusive relationship and overcoming money blocks, the importance clarity on what you want in life and being empowered in all areas of your life.

She has given various talks including, Financial Clarity for Prosperity, Financial Clarity for Business Success, Abused to Abundant, but her favourite is The Hidden Key to Fulfillment (aka A Holistic Approach to True Wealth).  In that talk she uses stories to illustrate the importance of the three sections that comprise a fulfilled life (freedom, fun and finances) and the breakdown of each. There is one more key that unlocks the door to fulfillment that is often overlooked. She makes sure the audience knows what it is and how to achieve it.


These are example talks for Heather Abbott

the Hidden Key to True Prosperity
True fulfilment comes from achieving the trilogy of freedom, fun and finances are pulled together by a hidden key.  Unfortunately, many people live their lives lacking in one or more of freedom, joy or wealth. They crave more.

This hidden key unlocks that trilogy and makes it possible to improve all three of them more easily, and faster than ever before. 

Learn what the key is, how to use it, and why it is so important in becoming the person you want to be, living the life you long for.

Business Health & Well-being +1
Abundance Business Vision +7
Financial Clarity for Prosperity
This talk brings forth the importance of knowing your numbers, and offers a simple method for getting the clarity and creating a solid foundation for your wealth.
 Takeaways include:
 Why clarity is the most important part to prosperity
 The easy way to achieve clarity
 Your numbers made easy
 This benefits all those who have holes in their financial bucket and crave an easy way to identify and fix them so their wealth can grow on a solid foundation

Business Financial services
Abundance Business +6
Financial Clarity for Business Success
This talk brings in short stories of businesses to illustrate the points of why having clarity with your numbers is critical in business.
 Takeaways can include;
 why hiring people to handle your numbers is not enough, (aka one of the biggest pitfalls causing business failure)
 what a common cause of failure is in a seemingly successful business,
 a key to faster progress in a business
 the trick for satisfaction as a business owner

Business Financial services +1
Business Finances +3
Abused to Abundant
This talk is designed to aid those who have been working to allow money into their lives but are having difficulty. My personal story is key to this talk. I inspire and give methods for overcoming that can be used for either leaving an abusive relationship or having money start to come into your life in larger amounts.
 Points include:
 Overcoming money blocks vs. leaving an abusive relationship
 Defining what abundance means
 What is needed for the shift

Financial services Mindset +1
Abundance Confidence +12
Financial Essentials
- How to uncover you money beliefs and blocks
- How to get clarity with your numbers without overwhelm
- How to craft a prosperity plan to achieve your goals
Family & Parenting Financial services
Abundance Finances +1
Stand in Your Power – Embracing and Empowering Who You Are

This memorable presentation is both witty and inspiring. It will help your audience to embrace who they are, release stress, and feel more in control of their lives. This results in higher satisfaction in life and more productivity on a daily basis.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Confidence Empowerment


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