Glenda Carlson
Methodist Pastor for 15 years Written and Published 3 Faith Based Books ("Fear Not: You Have Favor With God" (memoir), which God showed me in a dream to write, "Jesus Knocking: "Enjoy Life Abundantly", "Lift The Limitations: 19 Ways To Win The Battle In Your Mind" My fourth book is almost ready to publish "Destined To Win: Understanding Your True Purpose."

I have been a Spirit Filled Methodist Pastor for 15 years.  After running from the call to preach for 20 years I  ended  up on disability for 8 years.  During that time God showed me how to overcome 24 diagnoses due to silicone poisoning, emotional baggage from several failed marriages  and,  come back into the workforce , finally surrendering to The Holy Spirit !  During those 8 years I cared for my elderly mother, despite the chronic pain and , listened to preachers on television 8-10 hours a day (learning about the promises of God) .  So, I have had  intensive training on Transforming My Mind  to the Word of God and learning to become ALL that God says I can be.  I am now ready for the next level by the grace of God !