Gary Gradley
The Purpose Coach - Gary Gradley he/him/his
Helping Marketplace Prof. bring Clarity to their Future

‘The Purpose Coach’, Author

Helping Marketplace Professionals bring Clarity to their Future

Corporate Training & Business Coach for 23 years, Gary worked with over 20,000 leaders, employees & individuals throughout Canada, USA & Australia. He became a trusted advisor for many corporations. During the 2009 recession, he shifted his Mission & founded ‘On-Purpose People Perform’ to help people discover & act upon their Purpose to make a positive difference in the world.

Vision: A global movement of Purpose-Driven Leaders equipping 100,000+ inspired people to have a meaningful impact, by acting upon their Purpose & addressing the world's problems.

“I have known Gary for 20 years & he has committed his life to refining the best process to Discover your Purpose. If you want to live a great 'On-Purpose' abundant life, then you definitely want to listen to what Gary has to say.”Bob Proctor

Author of; ‘The Kingdom Promise; How Leading Canadians Choose Faith to Conquer the Storms of Life’.