Felice Mathieu
Chaplain Felice Mathieu he/him/his
Christian Marriage Coach | Communication in Marriage Expert
M.A Marriage & Family Therapy

Felice Mathieu is a distinguished Christian marriage and family coach with a rich experience spanning over 25 years. With a B.A. in Christian Counseling Psychology and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, Felice is profoundly skilled in helping couples to communicate fairly and respectfully, the biblical way. Alongside his wife, Retta, he co-founded Married As One LLC, a ministry dedicated to offering biblical coaching to strengthen couple relationships. His work primarily focuses on teaching vital biblical principles for effective communication and relationship enhancement. Felice is keen on speaking engagements that allow him to share his expertise on Christian marriage coaching, emphasizing communication and relationship-building techniques based on biblical teachings. His sessions are tailored to equip couples with tools for fair and respectful dialogue, essential for a harmonious marital life.