Eugene Wood
Secrets To Buying and Selling Domains leading to profits

About 2012, I was exposed to the laptop lifestyle.  Meaning, I had the opportunity to learn online, about how to buy and sell domains from a gentleman out of Australia. He took time online to teach me how to select the domain, how to do evaluate it, how to purchase it, and then how to market it.  Oh I was astonished when I sold that domain and received more than 28,000% return of that domain!  I was so surprised, that I thought I must have done something illegal!  Wow! That moment was etched in my mind. I found this opportunity, while I was still in development of other opportunities to buy and sell domains or ‘Flip domains’ as it is also known.

So that you understand my background, I spent over 15 years of my life at that time being Series 7 license and etc., actively helping and preparing financial plans for people. I sold stocks, mutual funds, life insurance. The whole concept of buying and selling Domains,  just seemed so foreign to me. I knew that I had to develop and study even further.  As I continue to grow in this industry, I received an opportunity to go to a domain conference. 

I've gone to conferences before in my professional life. I understood, what it meant to be in rooms with powerful people. So I walked into the room, with my ostrich shoes, fully decked out in my navy blue power suit with the chalk toned pinstripes, the French cuffs on, and my power tie. I made sure I was looking good, smelling good, and feeling empowered and confident. I'm 6’ 4”, and carry a very strong presence.

When I walked into the room, it wasn’t what I had expected. They didn’t even make up a thousand people there, there was probably 200 at best from all around the world.

They were dressed in their Bahama mama shirts, their cargo shorts, carrying more money on their hip than I had ever dreamt of having in my life! These people controlled a multibillion dollar industry that blew my mind!

Although I stood out for all the wrong reasons, I knew I was at the right place at the right time, and they took me in under their wings. I showed up with authenticity and pure intense focus, which demonstrated that I was serious, and so they shared this education with me.

I watched that industry balloon from that of a .com industry, to grow into a booming business with tentacles. Those tentacles had far-reaching lines from to the ways of NFTs to the cryptocurrency to Blockchain ~ All these different areas developing from this .com industry… this digital lifestyle.

I wanted to be able to learn more for myself, I want to educate others, and share this opportunity! I want to show others what they can do for their cultures and for their communities. I see the value of those entrepreneurial people, and I want to do something more to help people who are tired of being sick and tired. I see this, as a way to show people that they can do more.


So now I'm able to show people about websites, show them how they can take this to the next level and creating a great brand. How to create great blogs with the right keywords and understand SEO. The opportunities are endless and yes there's money to be made!


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