Erin Dragonsong
Erin Dragonsong she/her/hers
Faery Godmother For Your Dreams
OrdainedMinister, counsellor, RadhaYoga, Wicca highpriestess

erin Dragonsong is one of the leading Wiccan & magick teachers in the world.  She is a sought-after speaker, teacher, author, and transformational coach.

Founder of Wicca Spirituality, the Entrepreneurial Magick system, and the revolutionary Breakthrough Alchemy technique, erin Dragonsong specializes in helping heart-centred, spiritual people break through subconscious blocks and make a living through living their Dreams. 

In her 40-years quest for reliable, effective magick and miracles-on-demand, erin has been studying and implementing manifestation success principles, and teaching these as practical, do-able magick techniques to her audience of over 250,000 social media followers, as well as on her award-winning site,

She has appeared on radio, podcasts, and summits, sharing the stage with world-renowned teachers such as Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart, Dr. Sue Morter, Neale Donald Walsh, Mary Morrissey, Dawson Church, and Marci Shimoff.

erin is the author of A Natural Connection: Discover Your Totem Animals And How They Can Help You and other spirituality-themed books, and is a contributing author in Jesus Through Pagan Eyes; Sea, Sky, and Dreams; In the Spirit of We'Moon—Celebrating 30 Years.

Topics include.. 

  • the rebirth of the Divine Feminine / Love Consciousness
  • the dawning Spiritual Golden Age, and our part to play
  • Living your Dreams / Passion / Calling as your Mission in healing the Earth
  • and of course, magick & miracle making