Enoch Leffingwell
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I Help Health Coaches Market Their Unique Message
Started a business at age 10

Enoch Leffingwell is a multiple bestselling author of the books “I Want a Mentor, Now What Do I Do?” and his latest, "The Book on High Ticket Health Coaching."

He is an international speaker and business mentor.

Enoch has been in business since he was 10 years old. He is now a business coach for health authors, health educators, health coaches, and other health entrepreneurs, and he teaches them how to get paid a premium for their health advice online.

He has been featured on the Content Creator Summit, The Lion and The Lambo Podcast, and One Funnel Away Podcast.

Enoch has shared the stage with other well-known business coaching and marketing influencers, like Myron Golden, David Shands, and Russell Brunson.

Enoch brings his enthusiasm and unique speaking style to teach entrepreneurs how to grow their health businesses and transform the lives of those they serve.


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