Emma Gray she/her/hers
Bestselling author of “Inspired Living"
Clinical Psychologist & Master Coach, MClinPsych, BSSc, MAPS

Mindfulness and Meditation, Stress Management, Mindset Mastery, Neuroscience of wellbeing, Thriving in Business and in Life

Emma Gray is a Clinical Psychologist and Master Coach, founder of The Miracle Modes to Master Your Life TM program, empowering women to create transformational change and live their Highest Purpose. In “Inspired Living: A Guide to Ignite Joy and Prosperity”, Emma explains how to cultivate the three most powerful states of Being to attract the things you want in life. 

Did you know that our body is “talking” to us every moment of the day? It sends us subtle (and not so subtle) signals that, when we listen to them, will light up a clear path to everything that we want in life. A path to joy, love, prosperity and miracles. You can learn to decode those signals and harness the power of your body/spirit connection to live the amazing life that your soul is calling you towards.” 


Emma is an author, speaker, trainer, and facilitates coaching programs and wellbeing retreats. Her meditations have been accessed across the globe. She helps “souls engaging in personal growth towards Self Mastery”. Wellbeing Magazine affirmed that she offers a “safe tranquil space…to open the mind…like a warm hug welcoming you home.” 

Emma lives with her family on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, soaking up the sunshine and salty sea air.

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