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Emma is an Architect and Interior Designer and is known as the Homeowner’s Dream Home Manifestor and the Realtor’s Architectural Advisor.


With her design services, she helps her clients transform their drab homes into fab homes to express who they are and how they live. Also, she has been helping those who work at home create an inspiring workspace in which one can be more productive and confident.


In her 20 years of working with her clients and her experience of flipping homes, she realized how homeowners need guidance through the journey of the transformation. That’s why she created the digital program, Ultimate Home Remodeling Blueprint.


Emma published her #1 bestseller “Homeowner’s Guide to Stress-Free Remodeling.” 

and hosts the podcast Stress-Free Remodeling. Both resources prepare you for the remodeling process, to work with your architect, and find the right team.  Most importantly they will help you avoid costly mistakes to achieve your dream home.


Her digital program for Realtors teaches them how they can help their clients envision how any home can be a dream home. She also hosts the Real Estate Professionals podcast where she interviews business experts who share their strategies for success.