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Elaine Starling, The Abundance Ambassador, is a renowned international speaker, TEDx presenter, and host of The Abundance Journey Podcast and Video Show. As an accomplished entrepreneur and bestselling author, Elaine's spiritual awakening led her to empower individuals seeking abundance to cultivate a profound connection with The Divine, enabling them to manifest the life they desire. Through her transformative Activate Abundance Process, Elaine guides fellow spiritual entrepreneurs on The Abundance Journey, a transformative six-week experience combining proven business strategies with personal development and spiritual insights that unlock unlimited abundance. Visit www.TheAbundanceJourney.com to connect with Elaine and embark on a remarkable journey towards activating your abundance.

Elaine's Talk topics include:

  • Abundance Is a ChoiceHow to shift from a Poverty Mindset to an Abundance Mindset
  • You Are AbundanceThe five ways you create value
  • Ignite Your Success:  A fun and simple 5-step process; How to Thrive 
  • How to Captivate Your Ideal Clients and Ditch Emotional Overwhelm