Eddie Francis
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The ethical leader knows that being valued matters
Master of Professional Studies

Guided by his belief in ethical leadership, Eddie Francis' background includes marketing and communications, talent acquisition, speaking, radio broadcasting, and career development. He hosts “I Wanna Work There!,” one of Hannon Hill’s best higher education podcasts of 2024 and “For Our Edification,” a podcast that focuses on personal leadership. Eddie is also a frequent contributor to WBOK radio in New Orleans.


Eager to inspire, Eddie shares lessons about leadership, followership, talent recruitment and retention, and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) with his audiences. Eddie has been quoted and featured in such outlets as The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed and Careers in Government in addition to “The Higher Ed Marketer,” “Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO,” and more. A native of New Orleans, Eddie earned his master’s degree in strategic leadership from Tennessee State University and his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University New Orleans. 


These are example talks for Eddie Francis

Followership to Leadership

Improve job and career advancement opportunities through leadership theory and the growing practice of followership. 


  • Understand the leader-follower relationship,
  • Learn the 5 Follower Types, and
  • Leverage your follower type to boost team performance.
Business Education +7
Leadership Leadership habits and values +1
Lead by Leading You

Personal growth and development talk that induces the attitude and skills for effective leadership and career advancement.


  • Understand the power of self-awareness,
  • Learn top leadership challenges, and
  • Leverage personal leadership to get the most out of others.
Business Education +7
Career Personal Branding +2